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Changing a Will

You should review your Will every two to three years, whenever a major event occurs in your family, or whenever there are significant changes in your assets or the taxation law. You may consider changing your Will if, for example, you have changed your name, if an executor has died, if a beneficiary has died, if you have sold property that was designated under the Will to a specific person, if you marry or divorce, if you enter into a new relationship, if you have matrimonial difficulties or you have new children.

You are free to change your Will or revoke it at any time without informing your partner. However, this does not apply if you and your partner have made mutual Wills (i.e., you have agreed not to change your Wills without the agreement of the other partner). Mutual Wills are occasionally used to protect children of earlier relationships where couples have entered into second or subsequent relationships.


What protection do I have?

When making decisions on your behalf, your attorney must act as they believe you would have acted in the circumstances. In addition... read more

Why create a Will?

Every adult should have a Will. We can assist you by drafting and finalising a legally effective Will... read more